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A professional, yet simple interval timer!

Build any kind of workout plan, from HIIT to Yoga exercises.
Intervals manages all your workouts in an easy and a powerful way,

letting you focus on what really matters - The workout itself!

Interval Timer HIIT Workout


Clean and intuitive interface

With our easy and intuitive interface you can assign different colors to exercises and have a clear view of your training progress.

You can also configure different sounds, speech and countdown notifications when switching between exercises.


Customizable interval timers

Create customizable intervals with different sets, cycles, rest and active duration.

Duplicate workouts or exercises to speed up your workout creation.

Get suggested workouts built by our experts.  

Share your workouts between your devices or just send them to a friend.


Full control while training

Intervals saves you time by providing a full control on your training using smart gestures.
Swipe up - Start training.
Swipe down - Stop training.
Swipe left - Switch to the next exercise.
Swipe down - Switch to the previous exercise.


Play your favorite music

Choose any playlist from your music library or play music from external apps like Spotify or Jango.

Intervals is the only app that gives you the ability to fit the right songs to the right exercises. Assign high BPM playlists to high intensity exercises, low BPM playlists to rest / low intensity exercises and let Intervals do the magic.


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